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My name is Aleksandra Przybysz.
ALE. is my original brand of jewellery I design and create in a studio in the centre of Poznan, in an eclectic building designed by a Poznan architect Roger Sławski.

I start all my collections on a piece of paper. Then, by simple bends, soft wraps, twists and cuts, I create my jewellery designs. I give a three-dimensional form to a two-dimensional surface. The results are steel serpentines and silver bracelets inspired by the Japanese art of origami, or original combinations of coloured plexiglass and metal resembling Mondrian’s geometrical game.

The most important thing for me in jewellery design are a brave idea, a good project and the highest quality workmanship. I am glad when I can give it in hands of women who know that jewellery may be a way to express themselves and to who like to get a new look every day.

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