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Here, in an eclectic building designed by a Poznan architect Roger Sławski, all ALE. collections are created.
This is the place where not only do I design and make my jewellery, but also the space where I can show my work to you over a cup of coffee.

At my showroom, you can see, try on and buy jewellery from my latest or older collections. Feel free to ask me anything you like! I will tell you about the materials my jewellery is made of, techniques I use in crafting it, and which pieces suit you best.

Behind the doors of my showroom, is the heart of my studio. I will be happy to show you the environment where I make silver origami and create original designs with different materials every day. I hope I could inspire too.

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

More photos from our showroom you can find here.

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