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Date: 26.11.2016

ENGAGEMENT RING Nº5: Marta & Grzegorz

This project had its beginning on a piece of paper, but not in the form of a paper model, but a sketch. The ring was supposed to be pure in form, dynamic and inspired by architecture. The perfect task for us! Grzegorz studied interior design, and he works as a graphic designer. He and Marta, both like simple, modern and geometric forms.

It required many attempts before we were able to clarify the concept. Visualization of our idea in the sketch is very important, but it is only a three-dimensional model, that gives us a full picture of how the ring will really look like. We can accurately develop its proportions and ensure that it will not only look good but also be comfortable. Based on that model, we were able to make a metal ring. Although the idea for the ring was developed earlier, sometimes the details are the most important. That is why we could not stop working on it and for Grzegorz we made two rings. One of white gold, second of yellow gold, each with a slightly different shape. Everything, so that Marta could get the perfect one for her. Of the two versions prepared by us, Grzegorz chose the one made of white gold with diamonds embedded in the asymmetric gap. Because of it, on each side, the ring looks different and surprising… It’s beautiful and interesting how much each of those unique custom-made designs tells about the person for whom it was created.


Marta & Grzegorz - engagement ring by ALE: 5