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Date: 02.12.2017


This couple is very active. The ring must fit into their lifestyle and character. Ola does not wear jewellery, so together with Bartek, we decided to make a minimalist, simple and comfortable form for her. The final choice was our favourite Mobius ribbon, but in a different version, hand-made from 585 yellow gold. The first, hottest stage for us, was melting the metal and preparing it for further treatment. The heated metal, after being poured onto the plate, formed a gold drop, which we then rolled to obtain the flat surface for further work. That’s when it became possible to make Mobius shape out of it.

Instead of a stone, the ‘bling’ comes from a polished surface on one side. In engagement rings that we make to order, the coolest thing is how much they say about the people for whom they are made. They symbolise their features, tastes and feelings. Mobius is infinite and at the same time very meaningful in its simplicity. That’s exactly what we wanted! Bartek and Ola, we wish you endless happiness!

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