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ID 2: a tough cookie

Article number: ID/P -1- OX
Completion date: Diverse. Please contact us for further information.
Material: Silver

Ring made of oxidised 925 silver, with irregularly submerged synthetic rubies, sapphires and zircons in white, brown and shades of pink and purple.


All rings are hand-made in wax, so each one of them is unique.
The photo is showing a character and the colours dominating in the ring, but the product will be slightly different.


Rings are available in 3 sizes:
S (jewellery size:11)
M (jewellery size: 14)
L (jewellery size: 16)
If you want to order a ring in a different size or with a personalised range of colours please contact us.
Delivery time for personalised orders will be extended.


Oxidation is a process of coating a surface of silver with a thin layer of oxide. The surfaces will wear down over time in areas exposed to friction, which will change the appearance of the jewellery. If you want, you can send us a ring to renew the oxide surface. We’ll do it for free.