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Date: 30.07.2016

WEDDING RINGS Nº1: Ola & Marcin

Next unusual challenge for us! This time it’s a little different – we are creating not the engagement ring, but custom-made wedding rings, that reflect a joint passion – love for the mountains and climbing.

Such inspiration required many wax trials and experiments in the pursuit of proper form. We couldn’t control the process of embedding zircon in wax, so the stones show up on different sides and sometimes even upside down. Some stuck inside and remain invisible. Like Ola and Marcin, we believe that a certain unpredictability and lack of complete control over this process are wonderful and inspiring. After selecting the best form for the rings, we went one step further. Ola and Marcin at the goldsmith table engrave their own message in the wax.

At the end, we made the rings of white gold and irregularly put zircons inside. Additionally we framed some diamonds. We didn’t want the rings to interfere with the climbing passion, so they can be worn in two ways – as a regular ring or as a pendant on a steel chain. Ola and Marcin are a pair of creative people with an incredible energy. Such cooperation was a great pleasure for us!
ALE wedding rings Nº1: Ola & Marcin