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Date: 23.08.2017

WEDDING RINGS Nº2: Paulina & Kuba

Can you think of anything better than creating wedding rings for a couple who got engaged with this engagement ring made by ALE.? We are very excited to work on this project!

We wanted Paulina and Kuba’s wedding rings to be minimalistic and simple, but also unique. So our idea was to take the letters – initials of Paulina and Kuba and translate them into the language of geometry and then to engrave the dynamic, linear pattern on the sides of the wedding rings.

For Paulina and Kuba we have created a wedding ring gadget! You can combine rings like a puzzle with a geometric pattern in which we have hidden the initials of this amazing couple. You can find the letters only after a moment of fun in search of common points. In addition, the middle element of the puzzle – a golden circle, creates a necklace for Paulina. Thanks to that, the set of wedding rings has gained an additional function, and this is something we like a lot. Creating these wedding rings was a great experience for us, and we wish Paulina and Kuba all the best for their future together!
ALE wedding rings Nº2: Paulina & Kuba