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Date: 10.09.2016

ENGAGEMENT RING Nº4: Natalia & Marcin

The ring inspired by ALE. collections? This time we were facing ourselves in the creative process.

Natalia wears our SERPENTINES and that is why a ring for her was to be made in a similar style, combining bended forms with minimalistic lines of the Y SET. We’ve had many ideas and made everal models out of paper. After that, we made some silver prototypes – twisted and bent in many different ways. For Marcin, we have created several serpentine-like shaped rings and together we have chosen the best one in our opinion. This time, the project stuck in our minds and something didn’t feel right. At the last moment we stepped back and proposed a totally new concept, which has proved to be the best one and won our hearts. A completely new form was created, in which the stone placed between two silver tapes finally is in the right place.

We learned that Natalia likes emeralds and their deep, resembling sea water colour, so this time it is not a diamond but emerald – gemstone which in ancient times was known as the stone of love. Its unique, green color, is very appreciated by jewelers over the centuries. The ring that stands out not only because of its shape, but also materials we used. It was made of white palladium gold, which has a cooler shade, that harmonizes well with the green emerald. That is an unusual combination!

Natalia & Marcin - engagement ring by ALE: 4