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Date: 26.01.2018


We offer two types of bracelets: closed and with a split.

Bracelets with a split are easier to apply, they also give a possibility of partial regulation of the size and self-adjustment to fit your wrist. The most convenient method of donning this type of bracelets is to put it with a splitted part on your hand next to the thumb, and then moving it diagonally towards the wrist. The bracelet can be gently bend if needed.

The example of a bracelet with a split

Closed bracelets are not suitable for self-adjustments. You put them on through the wrist.

The example of a closed bracelet

To choose the right size of a bracelet, measure the circumference of your wrist. This can be done for example by using a measuring tape, or a string, that you can then measure with a ruler.

The sizes of ALE. bracelets:

S: For wrists with a circumference of 14 – 16,5 cm

M: For wrists with a circumference of 16,5 – 19 cm

L: For wrists with a circumference above 19 cm

If you’re not sure which size to choose, or you want to buy a custom size bracelet- please contact us.

For some bracelets, there is only one size, so there is no possibility to select the size while ordering a product.

There are also bracelets that are available only in sizes S and M and in that case the L size will not be displayed as a possible option to choose from.