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Date: 26.01.2018


There are many different ways to determine the size of a ring.

1. The most accurate, and also recommended by us, is a measurement 1. with the use of calibrated ring sizers. It can be done in our Showroom or any other jewellery store.

2. If you cannot measure your ring size this way, or you are buying a ring as a gift for your loved one, the size can be determined based on an already owned ring, through putting it on a ring mandrel. It can be done in our Showroom or any other jewellery store.

3. Measuring the diameter or circumference of the ring finger at home is another, but usually less accurate method.

The diameter should be measured with a precise ruler, in the inner edge of the ring. You can compare the result with the table below.

The circumference of your finger, you can measure it with a narrow strip cut from a stiff paper. It should have a width of about 0.5 cm and a length which would be sufficient to wrap tightly around the widest joint of your finger. The point, where the edges come together on the finger should be taped to make sure that the position of the paper strip will not change when removed from your finger. You can then cut the paper ring, made in this way, expand the paper strip and measure its length. Result – the circumference of your finger, now you can compare to the table below.


The thickness of a finger may slightly vary depending on external factors. Measurement should not be taken in the morning and late in the evening or during hot weather. Fingers can be swollen and the result will not be accurate.

An engagement ring, according to the tradition, is worn on a ring finger of a left hand, and wedding ring on a ring finger of a right hand. Fingers can vary in size.

The measurements taken with a home-made method, may not be accurate.