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Date: 08.01.2018

WEDDING RINGS Nº3: Natalia & Marcin

It is time for the wedding rings for the couple that already have an engagement ring made by us!

We wanted to close the beauty in a simple form. We wanted to make the ordinary circle more unusual by adding a subtle accent, almost imperceptible at first glance. It is Mobius again, but this time it is totally different than usual. The idea is the same, but this time we have twisted a profile with a square cross-section.
The wedding rings were made of 750 palladium gold. It is a very hard metal and we had to find a way to get a full circle out of it! The circle with no beginning and end is a symbol of eternity, so in case of these rings, we had to succeed.

They reveal their uniqueness only after a careful observation. Seemingly simple shape, turns out to be quite surprising. We have boosted the mobius effect by finishing the surface in two different ways, in places where the wedding ring has been folded. Natalia and Marcin we wish you happiness that is as durable as gold and as infinite as the mobius ribbon!


Obrączki ALE Nº3 Natalia i Marcin